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Lia Estate` Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

217 Pitt Street
VIC 3095

Primary Contact:Lia Estate`

Phone 03 9444 1533
Mobile 0408 398 303
Email [email protected]

Why Medical Intuition?

Can't cope on your own?
Are you at your last ebb?
Need help? . . .

Improve your life before things get worse.
Tired of the emotional roller coaster?
Tired of being sick even though you have tried everything?
Searching for the answer to better health, well being and an easier life?

Unblock patterns that keep you stuck in the past.
Gain new insights into your life.
Keep yourself focused and present.
Maximize your energy to work for you not against you.
Get assistance to manage and stop serious illness. Control panic attacks, fears and everyday emotional upsets. Depression, serious illness or just simply to get your life back on track from day to day stressors. Quantum Medical Intuition can help you to find the answers. This unique and specialised modality can help you to uncover and unblock the cause of your dysfunction and dis-ease. Using 'Quantum Medical Intuition' and high frequency energy. Lia will assist you with compassion and a guiding hand by finding the energetic blockages that manifest into dis-ease. The energy work is very powerful and at times immediate so the point of a session is to not only to start the healing process with powerful energy work but to empower the client with simple techniques to maintain this level of wellness for themselves after the sessions. What happens in a session? The session lasts approximately 50 - 60 minutes and encompasses energy work that pin points, isolates and changes the energy blockages into free flowing energy that is beneficial for your well being. Sometimes changes happen immediately and you may experience immediate and lasting relief. You do not disrobe for the session. The session is conducted in a seated, comfortable position. You will learn simple, easy to use techniques that are powerful and effective.

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